Why Is It That Schools Do Not Efficiently Train Us For Productivity?

3 Simple Rules of Productivity No One Tells Us

Phy Floweeerr
4 min readSep 26, 2023

Back in school, the teachers always pushed us to be productive; they never gave us intelligible, workable guidelines to effectively be fruitful unless my memory is not serving me right.

I have numerous icks about the education system, but my biggest one is its lack of practical and viable tools to help us survive in the real world. We are pumped with theoretical and situational knowledge and sent into the world to be eaten alive.

Do the education system curators take into account our unique sense of perception? Do they care that the grading system tears most of us apart rather than build us? We go to school to better ourselves, but most people leave there with scars we battle for life!

For instance, I was not good at literature and writing, and my English teacher reminded me every chance she got. Even though I excelled in Chemistry and other subjects, the negative comments about my literature skills overshadowed my better skills, and I grew up knowing I was not good enough.

I have many reserved opinions about the education curriculum, but I won’t get into that today. A Story for another day, though. The education system taught the meaning of productivity, but I left there scarcely equipped with the practical knowledge to achieve productivity, let alone hyper-productivity.

Just because one system failed us, though, doesn’t mean they sealed our fates. It’s painful how much of our prime time they waste highlighting our weaknesses and ignoring our strengths.

My most memorable memories of my teachers are those that reminded me what I couldn’t do and barely what made me strong, unique, and capable of manipulating my weaknesses to my advantage.

I have had to battle with a basic concept like productivity my whole life, having interacted with tens of people ultimately trained to help me be productive and shape my future. It is immensely depressing! Anyhow, it is what it is, right?

After years and years of struggling to attain productivity, I have discovered three simple rules that effectively yield hyper-productivity. Let us look at how we can easily succeed at any goal:

  • Determine The 3 Most Beneficial Tasks for Your Goal

I don’t know about you, but no one told me this. The daily song was Set your goals and work hard to achieve them, and then boom! Success! Where is the practicality of the above training with zero clear guidelines?

Bitterness aside, our education syllabus needs restructuring!

Identifying the three priorities of our objectives clarifies the feasible courses of action to take and nudges our minds to work toward accomplishment.

All success begins with recognizing the bottleneck of the goal and working to produce results, but we barely hear this in school.

Identify the significant routes to produce the highest results for your goal, prioritize them, and work on them strategically and passionately.

  • Begin with the Most Important Task

After establishing the significant work to do and prioritizing the tasks, working on the most critical one is the second smart move.

The first days of going after our goals are crucial because we are excited, motivated, and optimistic. Starting with the most vital task is influential; we are energetic, and our brains engage and focus smoothly.

In the first phase of our goal chasing, there are minimal distractions, meaning the brain is hyperactive; hence, hyper-productivity.

  • Work on One Task at a Time

We live in a world where we glorify multitasking, a norm needing dire revision. Multitasking, like any other thing, has its pros and cons. The way it’s taught to us, nonetheless, is unyielding, and that’s why it’s problematic.

Hyper-productivity requires discipline, where we work on one job at a time to completion and move on to the next. After identifying and prioritizing our tasks, we must work systematically and strategically on one activity at a time, each from beginning to finish.

As Brian Tracy says, All success comes from completing tasks, not working on them. Working too many jobs at a go leaves us having done nothing. The key to hyper-productivity is to start and finalize one beneficial task after another.

Starting every day by completing vital work doubles our productivity rate and motivates the brain to keep working because there is no more eminent feeling than completing a task successfully.

I have learned productivity through a handful of mistakes and painful experiences, but that doesn’t have to be everyone’s story. I hope my encounter will be encouraging and transformative for someone else out there; being successful is more attainable than we all think.



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