What Would You Advice Someone Experiencing Emotional Abuse?

Emotional Abuse

Phy Floweeerr
2 min readDec 8, 2023
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Yesterday while my friend and I were having a conversation she randomly mentioned that the guy she is in a situationship with while drunk said some mean things to her.

They were conversing among themselves when she commented something about her ex and the comment sent the guy into a frenzy saying things like:

· You’ve never moved on from this guy, you’re stupid!

· You are cheap!

· You are a slut!

· You are easy!

· You are tame!

Our conversation began as a random talk about those people you open up to and they later use that information to attack and demean you, and the guy came up as an example.

He constantly opens up to my friend about his emotional ups and downs and she has been trying to loosen up and open up a little bit to him and then that altercation happened, leaving her feeling stupid for wanting to open up.

While still on the subject I lost my cool and expressed my opinionated thoughts about the situation because, you know, the whole thing is pure emotional abuse; I was just fed up because one, she is amazing!

And two, nobody deserves that no matter what!

After expressing my opinions, which was not my finest moment as I went right in and inserted myself in her place saying how I wouldn’t stand such shit and blah! Blah! She began excusing the guy saying whenever he ranted like that she minds her business because it’s drunkenness, but it didn’t sit right with me.

Am I wrong for feeling this way?

I know my reaction to the whole situation may have influenced her decision to defend the guy, but I still feel she believes it’s the drunkenness talking and not the guy.

That conversation and the entire situation have been eating at me and I didn’t know what else to do other than write it down.

Emotional abuse is a subtle demon that eats at our sense of self-worth and confidence, and I don’t want to wake up one day and find my friend having lost herself to this shit.

If you are an expert in this, what is the best approach I can use to help her see her situationship is turning toxic?

Emotional abuse survivors, y’all are warriors! What advice would you give to my friend?

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