What Makes the World Tick?

Unraveling How the World Works

Phy Floweeerr
2 min readDec 4, 2023
Different people showcasing different emotions
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Do you know what makes the world tick?

Why people do what they do?

What shapes our behaviors?

Why people buy/ consume products or services?

Why we interact with our surroundings?


Emotions fuel mankind. They catalyze our logic.

Emotions energize our motivation to take action.

They make our experiences memorable, whether traumatic or blissful

They are the reason you’ll read this piece

They are the reason I’m writing this piece right now in the first place.

People can only spend time, money, energy, or resources where they feel most rewarded or appreciated. They extract or infuse wisdom into our logical thinking based on our state of mind.

For instance, the first feeling we get within the first two seconds of our interaction with anything determines our level of engagement or lack of thereof.

We read, watch, or observe things because they massage and validate our emotions. We only pay attention to matters that challenge or reinforce our beliefs, perceptions and thought processes.

Emotions are the reason why behind every powerful man is an intelligent woman calling the shots! This won’t sit well with many, but hearing the TRUTH isn’t easy.

Do you ever wonder why God made men more logical and women more emotional?

Emotions compounded with logic determine ORDER! That’s why where intelligent men and women work harmoniously things move unimaginably seamlessly.

Emotionally charged intelligence births invincible force! Positive Emotions heighten intelligence.

Emotions ride shot gun to logic to bring forth WISDOM. They are the Power behind our belief systems, mindsets, and decisions.

A few months ago my sister told me that emotions are our highest currency, and they for sure are!

Limit your emotional transactions with your surroundings and watch how your demand rises.

People react or respond to emotional triggers or rewards and setting healthy boundaries within those limits creates demand.

There is a common misconception that money runs the world but that’s the farthest thing from the Truth.

Think about it, money without people’s engagement and attention seizes to have value. Our emotions and feelings around money give it the value it holds, otherwise, it’s just paper.

The world operates based on emotional response, so remember, Your Emotions are your Power, use them wisely.

Feed positive energy into your emotions and remember to stay hydrated; emotions are juicy and colorful, and they hate dehydration!

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