The Surprising Secret Behind Why We Struggle So Much

Unlocking the Reason why we constantly struggle

Phy Floweeerr
3 min readDec 11, 2023
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Oprah once said we struggle so much because we struggle against what’s meant for us, and for a hot second, I didn’t understand what she meant.

>How do we struggle against what’s meant for us?

>Who loves struggle?

>How can one struggle against their blessing?

>That’s just plain crazy!

The truth is nobody wants to admit how much we intentionally/unintentionally hurt ourselves, even though we constantly do it every time we go against our better judgment.

We abandon our passions and the things we love to chase the popular/trendy/cool thing everyone else is doing in the name of belonging and security.

It’s become more bearable to belong to the ‘powerful-elite class’ and be fake happy than be truthfully happy and humbly obscure; it’s the source of our unnecessary struggles: Faking it and Power Hunger.

We are consumed by constant desire and wanting, the need to influence others, be validated, admired, praised, and have it all, losing sight of the blessings we already have.

Struggles, like failures, are necessary for life, but most we’ve created as our undoing. We go against our instincts and desires to avoid being the 1% that walks against the current and embrace our uniqueness because it seems lonely on the outside.

What about on the inside?

Why don’t we consider that?

Is being a one percenter lonely?

If being a one percenter is following your heart and staying truthful to your desires and passions; it’s a peaceful, blissful kind of lonely we all should crave, but they say there is power in numbers and 1% isn’t as potent as 99%.

For instance, everyone is chasing the next big thing that can draw fame their way. Becoming a social media star has become the flu everyone wants to catch and even though it’s great for some aspects of our lives, it’s distorting other crucial matters in our lives.

Since the rise of social media, we’ve registered high numbers in:

*Depression and anxiety disorders

*Cyber Bullying and cyber crimes

*Chronic stress

*Digital theft…… and so much more!

I’m not saying social media is a demon out to get us, but how we use it contributes strongly to the struggles we take on.

For example, our generation is struggling with chronic stress, depression, anxiety, mental health instability, and high suicidal cases because we are perpetuating and chasing perfectionism; something we all know is a myth, but we would rather fake it than accept reality.

We let go of things that come easily to us and chase after the unattainable ones to seem smart/intelligent. We copy what others are doing to get ahead and lose ourselves to pathways incompatible with our unique gifts and talents.

It’s going against our truthful, innate passions and purposes that bring us so many struggles that keep us struggling all through.



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