The Power of Melanin

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Phy Floweeerr
2 min readSep 11, 2023

The topic sounds controversial, but where is the fun without a minute of controversy in life?

Melanin is the dark hue characteristic of the human skin. Depending on the race, melanin levels differ.

For instance, black people have the highest amount of melanin in their skin, with white people having the least.

The most popular power of melanin is protection against damaging UV sun rays, UVB, and blue light, but there is more to melanin than meets the eye.

People lighten their skins for various reasons, and it pains my heart to see them give away their power like this.

Have people forgotten that the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice?

Do people not know the deeper meaning of this saying? Anyhow, let us look past the surface-level importance of melanin.

How Melanin Is Powerful

Superior Sight & Vision

Melanin does not just shield the skin from the sun; it makes eye vision more superior.

It enhances and strengthens our optical health and cultivates resilience over vision complications and ailments by preventing macular degeneration.

Better Sense of Taste

Have you ever been to a black family cookout or heard about one?

Yes, the food is heavenly seasoned.

It is not to say non-black cuisines are tasteless at all.

Melanin augments the ability to taste the full flavors and absorb more taste.

Advanced Mental Abilities

Melanin advances the level of intellect in the brain.

It plays a critical role in protecting cell death in specific brain parts.

It helps the brain process, learn, and understand faster and powers the brain to have healthier cognitive functioning.

Melanin boosts the brain’s ability to adapt to change, formulate new ideas, and respond well under severe pressure.

Protection against Sun Damaging Rays

Melanin is a shield of Armor against the sun’s ultraviolet destructive rays causing cancer.

Melanin thickens the skin, aiding in less pronounced wrinkles in darker skin and slower aging.

It is not to mean black people should not put on sunblock.

Melanin can only protect the skin as much as possible, and it needs sunscreen help for much healthier skin.

Melanin is the sister that betters everything it touches, and from the above Intel, it strengthens and increases the capability of our senses and brain potential.

Though being dark-hued is shameful and a source of insecurity for some people, I’m here to tell you it’s a God-given innate power that each black being should leverage.



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