The Magic of AI:

Exploring AI as a Resourceful Tool

Phy Floweeerr
2 min readDec 1, 2023
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AI has been a controversial topic lately especially in the writing business with some writers arguing that it’s aiming at replacing human writing.

The thing is we as humans hate CHANGE! Any little change and we are headed for the hills in an Excuse-full-tanked 1964 Porsche 911.

AI has simplified most manual writing processes and while this is a joy for some, other people feel threatened by this innovation.

Saying AI will replace human intelligence, is like saying the universe can replace God!

Human intelligence is responsible for the Artificial Intelligence so it’ll eternally be superior, but only if we, the humans, are willing to learn, advance, and grow.

Writers who have embraced AI as a resourceful tool are enjoying benefits like:

✅ Augmented creativity: Via utilizing AI most writers have become more creative in writing more attention-grabbing, catchy headlines, hooks, and engaging, informative content, which has garnered them a loyal following.

They are employing AI as their creative influence to exploit their originality, surpass their potential, and stand out.

✅ Personalized Learning and Working: Writers are using AI to learn new concepts and writing tactics viable to their unique expertise and style.

They are leveraging AI’s ability to understand human intelligence to tailor educational information to their specific needs and get specialized knowledge.

They are also using AI to carry out secondary tasks like proofreading, which helps them direct that time to more pressing, primary matters.

✅ Enhanced Growth Mindset: AI is helping writers embrace and reinforce diverse perspectives and a growth mindset through continuous learning.

It’s encouraging writers to keep getting better and shaping their perceptions into envisioning a more diversified, seamless writing process in the future.

Embracing AI is doing more good than harm; it has the ability to enhance our innate capabilities.

It’s proven that as long as humans exist and are open-minded to welcoming and appreciating change, human intelligence will always be superior and irreplaceable!

A little question for you:

Do you think AI is generally doing more good or harm?

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