The 3 Benefits of Dating Yourself Before Committing to A Serious Relationship

Phy Floweeerr
2 min readAug 10, 2023

Relationships are becoming exceedingly toxic by the day, and more people are falling into depression due to failed committed relations.

Our generation has become a group of serial daters: people are jumping into new relationships without healing from the previous ones.

It’s heartbreaking to watch our loved ones date the same person in different forms, with expectations of better and loving relationships.

As a master in self-dating, I would like to share some benefits I have reaped from dating myself:

1. Deep Self-Awareness
Self-dating, commonly misconceived as singlehood, is far from just being single. It’s a committed relationship to discover who you are, contrary to who you present to the world.

This self-discovery journey brings deep awareness of what makes you tick and what doesn’t. Self-awareness is vital in interrelationships as it enhances meaningful and trustworthy connections.

Self-awareness fosters self-trust and self-love: without first loving oneself, one cannot form a trusting relationship with another. Without self-awareness, we’re victims of our misfortunes, and that’s the type of relationships we commit to: ones that victimize us.

Remember, anything done for too long is a pathway to addiction.

2. Established Relationship Standards
Self-dating involves qualitative transformation and truthful intra-analysis.

Through this, one can establish what’s worthy and set the standards for their goal serious relationship.

Dating oneself helps weed out all the unnecessary things you don’t want in a relationship.

Establishing relationship standards saves one from wasting time on unyielding connections because one knows what they want.

3. Established Ideal Partner
Dating ourselves gives us time to evaluate what our ideal partner looks like.

I don’t just mean the looks and physique, but rather, the type of partnership we want from the relationship; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

We all want a good-looking partner, that’s indisputable, but they ought to help us keep growing, too: right? Establishing your ideal partner is critical in forming a serious and meaningful relationship.

With all that said, self-dating should be the first step in any relationship. Self-dating applies to the type of relationships, whether professional or personal. It’s imperative to remember everything begins with the self, or from within, to the outside.

Have an amazing time loving on you. XOXO y’all!



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