Knowledge is No Longer Power

Dismantling the outdated idea that knowledge is power

Phy Floweeerr
2 min readSep 8, 2023

Knowledge factual information or truthful skills acquired through experience or education.

In the fifteenth century, knowledge was a powerful commodity to possess, and through his work, Francis Bacon popularized the phrase, Knowledge is Power.

Anyone knowledgeable in any subject was influential, as they had infinite ability to create wealth or value for themselves.

Exchanging knowledge was exceedingly valuable, and people would go to great lengths to access it.

In the twentieth century, knowledge is no longer as powerful, but rather, it is just potential power.

Why Knowledge is No Longer Power

Though some people still perpetuate the belief that knowledge is power, it is potential capacity.

  • Lack of motivation to Act

The modern lifestyle has made it easy for people to be lazy; hence, they lack motivation to work.

The strength in knowledge lies in the motivation and determination to utilize it to grow and create value.

Sharing knowledge and transforming ideologies into unique tangibles is the real power.

  • Fast Technological Growth

The twentieth century has seen fast growth in technology and communication means and increased the channels for information exchange, making knowledge readily accessible to people.

Unlike ancient people, today, anyone with a technology device can access whatever knowledge they need from anywhere.

The internet has made information sharing exceedingly fast and easy, with multiple pathways serving as sources of knowledge.

  • Easy and Cheap Access to Information

Not only is knowledge easily accessible, but it is also overwhelmingly cheap to acquire and act on, reducing the reward for its possession.

Possessing knowledge is potential potency because one has an easy means of acquiring knowledge to create value; factors like willingness to use the information and minimal market to sell lower the aspect that gives possession of knowledge its competency.

Most people can acquire specialized knowledge wherever and whenever they want, declining the friction that made knowledge powerful.

  • Improved Ways of Storing

The fast-growing technology keeps improving the modes of information storage, easing the difficulty of keeping too much information in our brains.

Easier ways to attain success are constantly emerging daily, making knowledge the least of steps to success.

Though knowing is no longer influential, it’s potent when combined with competent craftsmanship.



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