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Advocating for Brain Health Awareness

Phy Floweeerr
4 min readDec 5, 2023
Healthy Brain MRI Scans
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  • How many times a year do you get a physical?
  • How many times a year do you check your mental wellness and brain health?
  • Do you think we employ enough measures towards adequate mental health awareness and education?
  • Why do we receive extensive formal education about our bodies and barely get adequate information about our brains?

Physical examinations primarily check our bodily wellness status and heavily encourage us to stay on top of our physical health, but rarely advocate for the same mental checkups to ensure our overall holistic health examination.

  • Which should come first, mental health or physical health?
  • Why are we always treating the symptoms?
  • Aren’t our brains worthy of receiving routine checkups, too?

We constantly get advice on how to live healthy: what to eat, the health-threatening practices to avoid, the things to do, and all the things to maintain a physically healthy life, but what extensive practices do people vocalize to prioritize a healthy state of mind and address health as a whole?

We need to address our health holistically and begin with our mental health because every human-existence aspect originates from our brains.

>How many times do we do things we know aren’t healthy for us?

I’m guessing your answer is as good as mine: A LOT!

>How do we stay on top of our physical health and not over our mental wellness? Isn’t it just ironic?

We need to push ourselves past the biases of having a hard time dealing with psychological burnout until it’s too late and understand that we are our Brains!

Mental health awareness should be a part of the school curriculum and not something we figure out for ourselves later in life when it crushes.

>How will we counteract the stigma around mental health welfare if we can’t even learn about it in a formal educational setup?

>What is our education system teaching us about life if not how to care for ourselves first?

>Why value bodily checkups when our souls aren’t okay, to begin with? Are we so obsessed with seeming healthy than being okay?

How long will we ignore mental health preventive measures and keep perpetuating mental health stigma?

We barely talk about our brains’ welfare despite the critical role our minds play in our general health. We dedicate our time to maintaining our physical health and neglect the most crucial part of our overall wellness: our state of mind.

Despite the uncertainties of life, we are so ignorant that we expect our brains to take all this fire and remain the same or even get stronger without proper care!

We let our brain stability derail so much that it transfers the stress and burnout to the body, but even then so, we still only address the physical symptoms and never question the primary root causes.

>Do you think our mental health awareness strategies truly address brain health?

>Do you think if mental health received enough spotlight as our physical health, we would be much more mindful?

Most of us only take our physical health seriously because of the constant advocacy we receive from health personnel, and I believe if we did the same with our brains’ welfare, we would prevent most things we struggle with.

How Well Can We Tell Our Brains’ Health?

A healthy brain supports healthy decisions and practices. It may struggle a little, but it primarily ensures we make viable, progressive choices.

So, what are the signs of a healthy brain?

  1. Great cognition and ease of functioning
  2. Progressive healthy practices
  3. Great mindfulness adherence
  4. Outstanding physical, psychological, and emotional health
  5. Great stress management skills
  6. Good functioning under pressure
  7. Great activeness
  8. Great inner peace and happiness
  9. Stable and healthy behavioral patterns

If you struggle with the above life aspects, it’s normal, but it’s an indication of neglected mental health status. Just like a healthy brain supports healthy living and practices, an unhealthy one encourages unpleasant conditions.

We need to normalize advocating for mental checkups as much as our physical as it will;

  1. Tear down the stubborn walls of stigma around mental health maintenance.
  2. Encourage holistic health practices.
  3. Normalize caring for our brains as much as our bodies
  4. Encourage people to seek mental help and support openly
  5. Validate that it’s okay not to be okay; advocate that struggling with mental health stability is, in most cases, neglected brain burnout accumulated over long periods.

The rising cases of depression, anxiety, and mental health disorders are a clear indication that we’ve neglected our brains’ welfare long enough, and now it’s out to bite us in our arses if we keep the negligence going.



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