How To Control The Flaws in Your Brain

Reprogramming the Brain

Phy Floweeerr
3 min readAug 29, 2023

The human brain is my favorite organ of the human body. It’s a complex organ with three main parts responsible for intelligence, motor skills, intellect, cognitive functions, emotions, sensory functions, thought, and information processing.

Human beings love control, and the brain is our powerful best friend. The brain is a powerhouse and can accomplish anything it believes in. Exercising control over our brains is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship with our voluntary and involuntary qualities.

The brain is capable of going rogue if left unchecked.

We barely address Brain health even though it’s vital to its functionality. What we feed into our brains affects the brain’s output; hence, we should be more careful with the material we consume.

The wiring of our brains is unique to each individual specifically to serve our different needs. As humans, we are flawed, and our brains are no exception. Finding the flaws in the programming of our brains is the key to regaining control and getting the brain to work for us.

Let’s look at some flaws deeply rooted in our brains;


Overthinking is reliving our worries in our heads repeatedly in a futile loop. Overthinking overshadows any attempts to resolve the situation and freezes our ability to act. I have struggled with overthinking for nearly half of my life, and for a minute, I would take pride in it until I realized how much it hurt me.

I’ve had to train myself not to overanalyze matters I can not control but instead direct that energy into the situations I have power over. To beat overthinking, I make decisions quickly and instantly, leaving room for adjustment if called for as I move along. Taking charge of this hasn’t been easy, but it’s worth it, seeing that I’m no longer anxious and conflicted over matters out of my control.

Biasness and Partiality

Partiality is the act of showing favoritism. The human brain, the most powerful device on earth, is a biased and partial organ. The brain conserves as much energy as possible, and any activity that strains it is a nuisance. It shows favoritism to simple tasks and situations with immediate gratification.

Getting a way around this flaw has been the most challenging task of all: One thing we can not do is trick our brains out of instantaneous pleasure/reward and into delayed gratification. I’ve had to devise a system of habit-stacking for every long-term and effortful task to get my brain to cooperate with goals not pleasing to it. Pairing speedy, rewarding goals with long-term ones has been the best route for me. For instance, I reward myself daily for every attempt I make toward my six-month goal, which keeps me motivated to keep going.


Though powerful, the human brain is limited. It has a limitless ability to formulate new patterns but limited memory storage. There is a finite level of information a brain can process; hence, one needs to be clever over priorities. Information processing and memory storage are not the only brain’s limitations, and the level of a brain’s hindrance is unique to every individual.

Resolving my brain’s limitations has involved squashing all my limiting beliefs and crafting new reliance that allow me to challenge my brain’s potential. I have also had to consume information that challenges my brain to strive and aim higher.

The fun about the human brain is that it loves a challenge within its potential. The best way to challenge your brain is to identify its prospects and devise a challenge within that potentiality.

Reprogramming one’s brain is a challenge worth taking, to formulate the reality we so much desire. The above brain flaws paralyze many people into depression and anxiety, but the good news is there is an override button within us. I hope this information is helpful to you and your brain-reprogramming journey to attain your goals.

Keep your brain healthy and active. Thank you for reading, XOXO! Until next time.



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