5 Ways I’m Learning to Become the Best at What I Do

Priorities I Have Made for My Personal and Professional Growth

Phy Floweeerr
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They say the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is owning their failures. They take the time to accept when something is not working and take measures to change it. Accomplished individuals understand that all good things come from the work we put in to attain them and do so fervently.

Becoming the best at what we do may seem farfetched sometimes, but it’s quite the contrary. Mastering a skill or a craft is more psychological than physical, and most people are unwilling to exercise mental diligence at the expense of their best interests to avoid putting in the required effort.

We preferably do non-progressive things repeatedly rather than take time to think of the efforts viable for our course.

I have struggled with mental laziness; it has been one of the greatest prisons of my life. Accepting that I do not always do what’s best for me has been challenging, but now I’m taking the initiative to change that and become the best version of myself and my craft.

Here are five things I’m learning to prioritize above everything else to ensure utter personal and professional growth and success:

Creativity over Comfort

As I said earlier, mental laziness is a thing we battle with, and it’s the first issue I’ve set out to address by training myself to value creative time over comfortability.

Creativity comes with lots of discomfort because one has to think outside the box, and that little change is too much for a lazy mind to handle.

I’m teaching my brain to continually go the extra mile because there is always something better outside our comfort zone. This exercise is helping me toughen and sharpen my brain, increasing my productivity.

Though it’s deeply tough to be creative sometimes, minute efforts that I put in are compounding and making it easier to be more creative every day.

Knowledge over Attention

Accumulating knowledge helps cut out distractions. Though attention is a nice thing to have, I would know; I’m a sucker for attention; it comes with lots of distractions and disruptive energy.

Furthermore, attention brings about self-satisfaction and smugness. Rather than getting praised for what you already know, seeking to gain more skills is more beneficial to mastering our crafts and avoiding complacency.

Learning an advanced skill every day has helped me focus on bettering and advancing my competence and also assisted me in managing my time better. Continuous learning is the key to personal growth, and it’s stripping down all my habits that do not serve my best interests.

Intuition over Norm

At one point in life, we’ve all heard what we can and cannot do, and for me, it messed with my self-trust and confidence in my ability and potential. To take back my power: I’m teaching my brain to silence all the noises in my head to listen to what I believe is conventional for me without the redundant influence.

Ignoring my intuition has been my specialty for a hot minute; I mean, I deserve an Oscar for it, and every time I go against it, it is always right. Well, not anymore!

I’m beginning to listen to myself more and more, and even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m not where I was months ago. I trust myself much more now: I’m embracing my unique voice and nature with patience and lots of self-love.

Joyful Work over Financial Security

Has anybody else noticed all the jobs we keep in the name of financial security are shitty jobs we keep out of fear of the unknown? I quit mine and became more secure, healthier, and happier.

I’m doing something I love now: writing, and everything else is working itself out. The basic Life process is much easier with a happy mind: A happy soul equates to a secure life, plus health is the most eminent security we need to draw in financial freedom.

Alive time over Dead time

Months ago, I let life happen to me and moved with whatever flow came by. I took way too many avoidable blows from life and dented my self-worth.

I’m now training my brain out of negative psychology and pessimism to embrace positive thinking and hopeful living. I constantly remind myself that every situation has something to offer, and I have taken control to make things happen for me by fearlessly going after what I want.

Becoming the best in any field is no walk in the park, and nothing great comes easy, deservingly so; hence, putting in a little endeavor is the most sane thing to do. I still have days where I go back to my little comfort cocoon, but the work I keep putting in is dismantling that bubble little by little and getting me closer to being the best self I can be.



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