3 Rules for a Successful Business: The Golden Rules I’m Using to Grow My Writing Business

Mastering The Golden Rules to Ace My Business

Phy Floweeerr
3 min readSep 27, 2023

A little over five months ago, I quit my corporate job in marketing to focus on growing my online presence. Though I was scared shitless about how I was going to survive, considering I was leaving my security job, somehow, I knew everything would work out.

I have had to move back in with my parents, but I’m the happiest I have been in a long time. I was immensely unhappy in my corporate job and dreaded going to work with my every breath! I kept telling myself that it was my financial security, but the truth is, it was my prison, and I’m glad I resigned because the key to success and freedom is doing what you love.

Months into my writing business, I’m experiencing steady growth and meaningful connections, and I’m more creative than ever. Though I haven’t landed my first paying job yet, my blog’s growth is more successful than I imagined when I embarked on this journey. The following are the golden secrets I’m utilizing to heighten my business’s success:

Valuing Quality over Affordability

The writing business is growing and changing daily, with new variations coming up each day, but despite that, most niches are saturated. Out of fear of joblessness due to the saturation, many writers are settling for peanut payments for their work, something I was not about to be okay with.

In my quest to avoid this, I’ve discovered that focusing on the quality of the content I put out is more beneficial than being affordable to clients. Customers are more than willing to engage and pay for valuable services and products that effectively and efficiently solve their problems.

I have employed this strategy and improved my blog’s traffic, and it’s also helping me perfect my writing and entrepreneurial skills.

Right now, I’m investing my time in producing quality, meticulous, and unique content that symbolizes originality and transformation.

Prioritizing Returns over Costs

Pricing one’s work can be tricky, especially for a new writer. There is a lot of information on pricing one’s content and services as a new writer, and it’s overwhelming to decipher one’s worth.

Instead of concentrating on the costs of the work I’m putting in, I’ve prioritized paying attention to the psychological, emotional, and physical benefits my writing is yielding as I await paying clients. My personal growth is a part of my business’s success as much as the loaded list of clientele every writer wants.

Rather than undervalue my work to get clients and start earning, I’m building an authentic brand that will attract the right customers my way.

Following Through

It’s easy to begin a project, but continuing to completion is a bit tougher than we think when launching. Following through with prioritizing quality and returns despite zero paying clients has helped me become resilient to the hurdles of building a successful business.

Resilience is one of the vital qualities of a successful entrepreneur, and I’m glad I’m reinforcing this quality through my experience.

Building a prosperous business, like any other activity, is a challenging task, and I’m grateful to have these tools to attain success in my writing venture. Valuing the quality of my work and focusing on the returns have significantly grown my business, and they continue to do so every day I follow through.



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